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Ibogaine: Give Yourself or Your Loved One An Amazing Opportunity to Stop Addiction and Become Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Well.

Ibogaine treatment for substance dependence and mental illness is the most effective and remarkable way for individuals battling addiction to successfully detox and permanently overcome their addiction. After Ibogaine therapy, it is extremely uncommon for a patient to experience withdrawals or cravings for their primary addiction and it is our observation that Ibogaine patients demonstrate a 70% success rate by maintaining sobriety during the first 6 months. For the majority of people, Ibogaine treatment is a catalyst for permanent sobriety. This means that in addition to leaving our center physically clean and mentally stable, more than 3 out of 5 patients that come through our Ibogaine treatment center are able to remain clean post-treatment for an extended period of time and often forever. This far exceeds the success rate of traditional rehabs, 12-step programs, and other alternative methods of drug rehabilitation, all of which have success rates that are often in the single digits.

Our patients victories are the direct result of the power of Ibogaine and our personal understanding of addiction. This includes understanding the different therapeutic treatment modality’s that have been proven to be successful, and combining them with Ibogaine treatment.

Ibogaine treatment, just like any other drug and alcohol treatment plan, requires a strict focus and alteration of environmental and social factors that may exist post treatment once they leave our resort. We will diligently work with each and every patient to ensure that they properly prepare mentally and socially for their new life free from substance abuse and addiction and eliminate negative influences from their previous life. We have a coordinator on our staff that is just a phone call away after you join our family and successfully leave Safe Haven.

We provide treatment for all clients from the US, including, but not limited to, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York City, Dallas, TX and Philadelphia PA. Please note that clients will have to fly out to Mexico to experience our extremely effective drug therapy solutions.


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