Break Free of Opiates at Safe Haven Ibogaine

Safe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort has a very effective approach to the treatment of opiate addiction. Located in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, this resort setting is tranquil and relaxing, and security is excellent. It is situated in an area that attracts many tourists, so safety is a high priority for the whole area as well as the resort.

Our medical staff are highly qualified to administer opiate addiction treatment, particularly the medication Ibogaine. Ibogaine is a natural substance taken from the iboga plant in Africa, used since the 1800s for medical treatment; it is a hallucinogen, but not a replacement for opiates. In the 1960s, doctors realized that it was not addictive and could be used to alleviate unpleasant pain from a variety of problems. Ibogaine is used at Safe Haven to help those in withdrawal when it begins, usually a day or so after check-in.

If you have tried to break your addiction to opiates and have not been successful, you may want to try our treatment philosophy. Ibogaine allows you to look inside yourself and resolve the pain that drives you to addiction while surrounded by supportive treatment staff. It is so effective, our treatment plans are designed to cover about seven days instead of three to six months.

Treatment plans are drawn up after you arrive at Safe Haven and all relevant information has been reviewed. After the two-day, in-bed period of detox, you will be encouraged to participate in groups and activities that fit your specific treatment plan, so that you can get a firmer grasp on life without opiates.

Our success rate is quite high at 60-80% compared to other treatment statistics of 1-4%. Getting to the core of the problem is possible, even in a shorter amount of time. Our spa and resort facilities also help with the adjustment to a cleaner way of life. Massages, favorite foods and a healthy diet smooth your way back to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The natural beauty of this beachfront setting is a fitting transition from a frantic need for opiates to a calm, reasoning outlook on life. Away from the daily routine and the environment that enabled opiate use, you can put your history in perspective and learn how to think differently. It is cleansing to forgive yourself and move ahead. There are treatment facilities in other climates, but this oceanfront setting lends itself to introspection and a change of attitude.

The spiritual release effect of Ibogaine on those in treatment helps to cut to the core of the inner conflicts that lead to addiction. Opiate abusers reject all that life has to offer rather than give up heroin, or the drug of choice, which further separates them from meaningful relationships. Love and friendship of all kinds truly transcend the brief, temporary escape that opiates provide, and love and friendship do not cost money or threaten careers or ruin lives.

Contact Safe Haven today. Start over, and begin your meaningful journey to sanity, peace and fulfillment.

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