Discover a Safe Haven from Barbituates

At Safe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort, we are here to help you to overcome your struggle with addiction to barbituates. The key difference between our facility and others is providing you with the proper atmosphere, a beautiful, soothing setting where you can truly escape the pressures of daily living. When all else has failed, turn to us. Our name says it all. You are tired of battling the demon of addiction. You’ve found yourself in a dark place that is affecting every aspect of your life, from your work, to your relationships, and your health. It is time to reclaim your freedom and take a step in the right direction. At Safe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort, we can make the difference.

Ibogaine is at the heart of successful recovery plans in our facility. This plant-based medication is derived from a plant in Africa. By using this natural substance at the correct dosage for your individual plan of treatment, you will be amazed by the changes you will experience in a brief span of time. Under close supervision from a supportive and compassionate staff, you’ll have a return to life before addiction to barbituates took control. Ibogaine actually re-trains the brain, ensuring you that your body will no longer be forced to ingest barbituates. Imagine the day that you no longer battle physical and psychological cravings for that drug that is causing nothing but suffering. Over time, with a controlled dosage that is administered by a competent, medical staff, you will overcome your addiction. You will no longer be cconsumedby a need for that drug simply to get through the day. It is time to break the chains of barbituate abuse and truly start living once more.

Every individual’s treatment plan will depend on that person’s situation. Our staff will perform a thorough evaluation and determine a course of action. While most patients join us for a week as they travel the road to recovery, your journey may be shorter or longer. It will depend on you and your personal needs. When you first join us, you will have an orientation period and time to relax. If necessary, you will be provided with medication to overcome the affects of withdrawal. It is typical to receive your first dosage of Ibogaine on your second evening at the facility. The next few days will be spent in a period of introspection while you are under the effects of Ibogaine. Once the medication has worn off, you will receive helpful counseling, nutritional advice, and be able to resume a normal life. Ibogaine will help you to see clearly once more and find enjoyment in all the things you used to do before barbituates got in the way. The program has been proven to be effective, allowing many of our recovered patients to live a fulfilling life. Let us help you write the next chapter at Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa. You owe it to yourself to have a happy ending.

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