Ibogaine Therapy and Psychological Addiction

Addiction is a compulsive need that comes in many different forms, but it is basically composed of two elements, both physiological and psychological addiction. What many people do not know, is that even in cases of physiological addiction there is a powerful component of psychological addiction at work in support of the physiological addiction. The two components work hand in hand to reinforce the compulsive habitual behavior patterns of the addicted person. Psychological addiction is every bit as real, as powerful, and as damaging as its physiological counterpart.

The unfortunate misconception has developed that psychological addiction is not as serious, “because it’s all in your mind.” The erroneous conception is that this is a second-class addiction, since there is “no physical addiction,” but merely a mental perception in the patient of a problem that does not “really exist.” It’s all in the mind. There is no physical need involved, just a self-deception, of sorts, that leads the poor, disillusioned person to “believe” there is a problem of uncontrollable need. This could not be further from the truth. And it is wrong on several levels.

It is certainly true that in psychological addiction the need is born of a “belief” that an insatiable craving exists. But that belief in no way changes the fact that the craving does, indeed, exist. Even in established physiological addiction, there is a mental component to the addiction. The human mind is a powerful tool, which can be used for or against the well-being of its owner. And there is no rule book for the human body, which includes a statement that mental constructs are of less importance than our physical properties.

At Safe Haven we understand these things and have a long history of treating addictions of many different varieties. We know that an addiction is a serious problem whether or not there is a physiologically-driven craving involved in the addiction. We understand that you might need our services every bit as much if you are suffering the effects of psychological addiction.

Indeed, some of the most powerful characteristics of Ibogaine are those associated with its influence on the mind. Ibogaine’s strength as an addiction remedy is acknowledged to be in large part due to its effective treatment of both the physiological and the psychological components of any addiction.

Among Ibogaine’s most attractive and effective properties are its abilities to induce a peaceful introspection and reduce the emotional baggage of remembered ties to the psychological reasons for addiction. Patients frequently comment about their achieved states of recovered peace of mind, and discontinuation of the internalized self-hatred associated with their prior addiction.

Safe Haven offers the most thorough clinical experience available in Ibogaine treatment. And remember, you can’t get ibogaine treatment at any clinic in the United States. We are located in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

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