Physical Addiction and Ibogaine Treatment

Physical addiction is what causing withdrawal symptoms and causes drug users to keep using drugs. When a person uses a drug constantly, they eventually develop a physical dependence to the drug. Over time, a tolerance for the drug is developed, which means a user must constantly administer more and more of a drug.

Once a person develops a physical dependence to a drug, they will experience physical withdrawal symptoms that can be painful and even dangerous. However, a user will only experience these withdrawal symptoms if they abruptly discontinue the use or regular dosage of a drug.

By using low-dose therapeutic amounts of a drug over time, it’s common for drug users to develop physical dependence to the drug. Some of the common drugs that users develop physical addiction to are opioids, benzodiazepines and alcohol.

There are several factors that affect the severity of physical withdrawal symptoms. Some of these factors are the dosages taken, age of the user and total time the user has been administering the drug. Symptoms can last for days, weeks and even months, and some symptoms can actually last for much longer.

IBOGAINE and Physical Addiction

Some people don’t agree with the use of IBOGAINE because it’s not a licensed medication. However, many people believe they owe their life to the addiction-kicking medication. A lot of people believe IBOGAINE’s psychoactive properties are what make it very effective for treating physical addiction.

One of the reasons why we choose to treat patients with IBOGAINE is because it alleviates withdrawal symptoms; it can suppress opiate withdrawal symptoms completely, and it can do so in a short period of time. However, variables such as the duration of time a patient has been using and the IBOGAINE dosage administered will make every situation different.

It’s important to understand that simply bypassing physical withdrawal symptoms does not mean a patient will automatically be victorious. It’s the long-term craving of a drug that causes a user to relapse. IBOGAINE can completely eliminate the cravings for opiates and many other drugs. However, the term craving should be properly defined.

By craving, we simply mean the chemically-induced emptiness that causes a person to compulsively use drugs again. We believe it’s essential for people to understand what type of craving we’re talking about when discussing what IBOGAINE works for. There are many people who quit opiates cold turkey, and they eventually end up using again because the abrupt discontinuation of the opiates forced severe sleeping difficulty on them.

What Does IBOGAINE Really Deliver?

In terms of treating physical addiction, IBOGAINE helps with a number of issues. For example, after receiving IBOGAINE, many patients never experience emotional responses that induce cravings. Since most drug users experience some type of emotional response that induces a craving when they leave a treatment center, IBOGAINE is really effective in this regard.

Much like other treatments for physical addiction, IBOGAINE is simply a tool, but it’s certainly a powerful one. If you have any questions about IBOGAINE, please give us a call. As Safe Haven IBOGAINE Spa & Resort, we’re awaiting your call.

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