Reasons for Addiction

People suffer from all different types of addictions. Drugs and alcohol addiction are serious problems, and they can wreak a lot of havoc in the lives of those who suffer from them. Understanding the reasons why a person might become addicted is key to working on treatment plans and really getting to understand the situation.

A Physically Addictive Person
Some people become physically addicted to substances, and something in their body causes them to be this way. When they do not have a certain drug or alcohol, they might actually start to go through withdrawal symptoms. These types of symptoms can be extremely varied. Some individuals might begin to shake or feel drastic changes in their body temperature. Others might not be able to sleep or focus on anything at all. As a result, they take more of the substances to get rid of these very unpleasant feelings.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression
When people are dealing with stress, anxiety and/or depression, they might turn to drugs or alcohol. When they are drunk or high, they often feel as though nothing can bother them. They feel better than they usually do, and they think that the drugs or alcohol is actually helping them. As a result, they start to take these substances all of the time. They do not want to feel stressed out, anxious and sad, and they believe they have found the cure. Before they know it, they are actually addicted to the substance they are abusing.

Curiosity and Peer Pressure
These issues can come into fruition at any age, but they are especially prevalent in the younger population. Teenagers and young adults might see that their friends are constantly drinking alcohol or using drugs. They want to be like them, or they do not want to be left out of what is going on. To stay “in” with their friends or to impress other people around them, they begin to consume increasingly large amounts of alcohol or drugs. At some point, they can become addicted to the substance and not even know what is happening.

Functioning and Abusing Substances
It’s also possible for people to function and abuse these substances. For example, take a person who drinks before work, during lunch and more when he or she returns. This individual, as long as he or she is performing the job, is often referred to as a functioning alcoholic. For any to realize that something is even wrong would be impossible. People have no idea what is going on, and they are not able to get this person help before it turns into an addiction. Since the person is still functioning in society, he or she does not think that an issue exists either.

Clearly, addictions come to light for all different types of reasons. Awareness of these reasons might help to save your life one day, or they might help you to notice signs of addiction in a family member or friend.

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