Addiction: Recognize and Recover

Drug abuse is a consistently growing problem throughout society. As prescription medication increases in use throughout the medical community, the instances of abuse and fraud in order to attain these products increases as well. People become dependent on these substances, leading to the serious need for effective drug recovery. Chief among the medications that are leading to abuse and addiction are barbiturates. Although these substances were originally developed for clinical use, their tendency to lead to addiction has created an illegal market that has the potential to destroy lives.

The Root of the Problem

Barbiturates themselves refer to a class of drugs that have specific effects on the central nervous system. These effects include the depressing the nervous system, often to the point that one loses the ability to make clear judgements, feel certain levels of pain, and perform regulatory-bodily functions. In the clinical setting, the effects of barbiturates that practitioners take advantage of include mild sedation and anesthesia. While this class of drugs once played a huge role in the medical world for the treatment of problems such as anxiety and insomnia, they are quickly be made obsolete by a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Nonetheless, the use of barbiturates as a illegal and recreational drug are still pervasive.

Why They Are Dangerous

These types of drugs entail such great risks because they quickly lead to dependence, and they can easily cause an overdoes or death when administered at high levels. The primary cause of death in these kinds of situations is typically respiratory arrest. People suffering from an addiction related to barbiturates will need help from outside sources in order to make a full recovery. This help often must come in the form of a residential treatment center that can offer the full spectrum of services needed to give people back the life they knew before drug addiction.

A Retreat From Addiction

Safe Haven Ibogaine treatment center assists their visitors in success by attacking the addiction from two very critical angles. They address the physical addiction to the substance itself by assisting people as they make the crucial steps that must be made during withdrawal. Once patients are physically stable, the counselors at Safe Haven can begin to address the issue from the psychological standpoint. The numbing qualities offered by barbiturates are typically craved by the individual in order to keep them from having to deal with pain or traumatic events that have occurred in their lives. Resolving these issues is often a key component to allowing people to make a complete recovery.

A Record of Success

The treatment plans that Safe Haven puts into action are extremely effective, reflecting a recovery rate of up to 80 percent when patients are evaluated six months after treatment. Safe Haven encourages individuals to release the emotional baggage that ties them to addictions by walking them through the process necessary when facing the realities of their situation, the impact of their choices, and when dealing with the real impact of negative emotions. Such negative emotions include those that can lead to self-delusion or self-hatred. Patients walking through their doors who put in the work necessary for recovery from dangerous substances such as barbiturates can look forward to a bright future just over the horizon.

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