Addiction’s Many Faces

Understanding the difference between illegal drugs can be very difficult for people looking in on and attempting to help those suffering from addiction. This kind of understanding, however, can be critical when it comes to recognizing that someone is suffering and understanding the steps that need to be taken in order to help a person recover. Small variations in certain drugs can lead to big differences in how they effect the person taking them and the severity of the dependence on the substance itself. Two closely linked substances that are often misunderstood are cocaine and crack cocaine. Although they are very closely related, the methods for ingesting them, the results of the drug, and the process of recovery can be very different, depending on the levels of purity for each drug.

A Common Source

Cocaine and crack cocaine are both derived from the coca plant. The difference in the substances comes into play when you take into account the kind of processing that the substance undergoes. Cocaine is a relatively pure, crystalline form of this plant while crack cocaine is a less pure, solid form of the substance that is created with a mixture of baking soda. Crack cocaine’s solid form resembles small, transparent rocks or crystals, hence earning it is informal name. Despite the difference in the curation process, both forms of the coca plant are highly addictive.

Street Presence

The availability and methods for ingesting these drugs also differs. Cocaine is much less prevalent in urban settings where drug addiction presents a major threat despite the fact that it can be ingested using many different methods. Crack cocaine has taken on a much more prevalent role in the world of drug abuse, becoming much cheaper and more widely available than it has ever been in the past. Crack cocaine must be smoked whereas cocaine can be taken through topical, oral, and IV methods.

Facing the Problem

A person addicted to either one of these substances is placing themselves at considerable risk. These drugs require constant use in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms, and crack cocaine in particular does a huge amount of damage to internal body tissue due to the high levels of chemicals that are typically used in creating less pure products. Anyone suffering from addiction of this nature needs professional intervention in order to make a life-long recovery. Due to the nature of the body’s dependence on these substances over long periods of use, medical professionals should oversee the withdrawal and recovery process.

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