Ibogaine Treatment Produces 60-80% Success Rate for Methamphetamine Abusers

Methamphetamine, or “meth” for short, is a highly addictive stimulant produced mainly in the United States but is starting to spread around the world. Addiction is a disease that is chronic, and defined as the compulsive seeking and use of a drug that causes functional and molecular modifications in the brain. Safe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort has state of the art facilities and an experienced staff which create incredible results in the treatment of addictions.

Our success rate outperforms traditional 12-step programs as well as other rehabilitation methods. Our power stems from the use of the chemical Ibogaine, a natural product of the Iboga plant in West Africa, and also our knowledge and understanding of addictions in general. Our resort offers the best choice and most positive results for addiction treatment.

Long Term Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse

Methamphetamine releases large amounts of dopamine when taken. The stimulation creates feelings of pleasure, increased energy and euphoria. The drug, however, blocks the body’s natural flow of dopamine and creates a dependency issue for the user. It becomes increasingly harder for them to survive without meth. Continuous abuse without treatment and rehabilitation can lead to:

• Psychosis including hallucinations and paranoia
• Memory loss
• Aggressive behavior
• Mood changes
• Weight loss
• Dental problems

An addict is at a high risk of stroke as well, and the eventual take over of the nervous system and brain can cause possible heart attack and death. Understanding what takes drug abusers to this plateau and knowing how to treat and reverse these dreadful effects is what we accomplish at Safe Haven. One week at our resort with 36 hours of Ibogaine treatment can produce better results than 6 months to a year in traditional centers.

What Makes Safe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort the Best Choice?

Our beautiful resorts are located near the sand and water in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. All patients receive a private bedroom and bathroom and have access to living areas and kitchen facilities. We have private security and patients have access to tennis courts and our own private beach. Each room also has a television and a computer with Internet access. Patients may also bring their laptops and cell phones.

Our medical staff has many years of experience in Ibogaine treatment. Our staff is handpicked for both their addiction treatment experience and their background in patient education. Unlike most traditional facilities, the Safe Haven staff includes a board certified doctor. A full medical evaluation can be performed on a patient before treatment even begins. Each patient is also assigned their own nurse.

A professional chef is available in the kitchen to prepare customized meals, an activity coordinator is provided and a patient service attendant cleans rooms and handles laundry. Understanding addictions and successfully treating the patient is our goal at Safe Haven. We pride ourselves on our patient’s positive results and the lasting effects of recovery after our treatment.

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