Intravenous Drug Abuse: The Effects and a Solution

Many people trapped in the vicious cycle of intravenous drug abuse have no thought of the consequences. Looking for that immediate high or fix, they aren’t worried about the effects that are happening to their bodies. If you or someone you care about is involved in intravenous drug abuse, you may begin to notice that habitual drug use can only lead to a dark place with no way out. It ruins a person’s finances as every extra cent is spent to continue the habit. It destroys relationships as the ability to care for others crumbles as intravenous drug use takes over. It steals away one’s health with every shot. Intravenous drug use is a bottomless pit. Let Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa help find a way out.

Intravenous Drug Use: The Consequences
At Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa, our staff has a keen understanding of the damaging effects of substance abuse, including intravenous drug use. With chronic use, it gets harder to have the same sense of euphoria, requiring high dosages at a higher frequency. Habitual intravenous drug use can lead to infections in the skin, including abscesses in which harmful bacteria can spread throughout the body. In addition, inflammation and infection of the heart can result with serious ramifications. The heart can be severely weakened, possibly resulting in death. Overdose is common as intravenous drug users use concentrations of a drug at a level that is more than their systems can tolerate. Death is a common result. If you or someone you love is caught in the trap of intravenous drug abuse, we are here at Safe Haven Resort and Spa to free you. Drug addiction is a battle of monumental proportions, one that is nearly impossible to fight alone. Don’t try to fight it without our help. Turn to us in this time of need to find a brighter future ahead.

Why Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa is an Alternative
When it comes to intravenous drug addiction, the body and mind become hooked on that drug until it’s impossible to get through a day without getting that next dose. You or your loved one needs to be separated from an environment that may not be supportive. It’s important to leave all temptation and access to intravenous drugs behind. At Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa, we offer an inviting setting that feels like a getaway. Surrounded by a compassionate staff, all clients have the opportunity to live a life free from the strains of addiction. The first step will be an evaluation, followed by the detoxification process. Medication and assistance will be provided to deal with the effects of withdrawal. At that point, ibogaine will be administered. This safe, natural medication comes from a plant found in Africa. It actually retrains the mind to no longer be chemically dependent, eliminating cravings. The final path to recovery continues with counseling sessions to ensure better choices are made. Call today and find answers.

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