Understanding the Long Term Effects of Heroin Use and Finding Hope

Heroin use has been in the news of late, making people question what the long term effects of heroin use could have. If you or someone you love has become addicted, you know that a difficult road lies ahead, one that may end in a dead end. Careers, relationships, and health can all be shattered based by heroin abuse. At the Safe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort, we have solutions. When there is nowhere else to turn, our compassionate, competent staff stands at the ready. Let us help you to break the chains of heroin abuse.

What are the long term effects of heroin use?
Habitual use of heroin can have a negative impact even in the short term. Heroin is a powerful suppressant that seriously affects the nervous system. Immediate effects include flushed skin, a feeling of overwhelming joy, and a heaviness in the limbs. Each time heroin is used, a person alternates between an alert and sleepy state. It slows all functions of the body and can cause respiratory distress. Death by overdose is common, especially when breathing is no longer possible.

As frightening as these short term effects are, it is the long term effects that are most alarming. Liver disease, kidney disease, pulmonary conditions, and infections of the heart are common results of the chronic use of heroin. Any of these conditions can lead to premature death. Heroin, no matter how it is taken, is highly addictive. A person can fall prey to this drug even after the first try. Once addicted, the mind and body craves the drug, even though it can only lead to terrible harm. If you are struggling with addiction, or know someone else who is suffering, turn to the Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa before it is too late.

Why choose Safe Haven?
At Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa, we provide our clients with a safe, positive environment where they can leave pressures and temptation behind. This is a place where each client becomes the top priority in order to have a return to good health and well-being, free from heroin addiction. Our physicians will perform a complete and thorough evaluation. From that point, the best course of treatment will be determined. Safe Haven differs from other treatment facilities in that we use ibogaine, a natural medication that is derived from a plant in Africa. Ibogaine is administered in the initial phase of treatment and will actually eliminate cravings for heroin for those who are addicted to the drug. Staff members provide caring supervision, assisting clients through the withdrawal stage, providing nutritious meals, and opportunities for physical activity in a welcoming setting. Counseling sessions will also be provided to assist clients in understanding trigger factors as well as finding healthy alternatives to heroin use. Contact us at Safe Haven Ibogaine Resort and Spa today and leave heroin behind. Is this he real life, is this just fantasy, caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

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