What are the long term effects of Oxycontin abuse?

When abusing opiates, many users choose Oxycontin. However, the worst side effect that users will experience is the actual addiction. There are several long-term effects that will arise from extended abuse of the drug Oxycontin.

Addiction is a condition that can completely ruin a person’s life. Regardless of how much willpower a user has, addiction will always worsen with time. The abuse of the drug Oxycontin is just like the abuse of alcohol, cocaine or heroin. An addict will eventually change their lifestyle, which will allow them to use more and more Oxycontin.

The fact of the matter is that many users actually start with a legitimate prescription. Whether it’s for real pain or faked pain, an addict normally starts abusing weaker pain medications, and eventually, they find their way to Oxycontin. It’s disturbing that most addicts actually become addicted to Oxycontin after receiving a legitimate prescription for the drug from a doctor.

Many addicts have medical insurance that will pay for all or the majority of their medical expenses, which normally includes prescriptions and treatment. In this situation, there is no financial barrier in place to stop an addict from dramatically increasing their Oxycontin consumption.

Eventually, if their doctor discovers an abuse problem, the doctor will not continue prescribing a person Oxycontin, and the individual will need to buy the drug on the street. Since the street price of Oxycontin is so high, an addict will probably need to resort to stealing, prostitution or other means to get the drug.

The Long-term Effects of Oxycontin Use

Although Oxycontin was only created in 1996, there is plenty of information about opioid drugs. There are several long-term physical and psychological effects of Oxycontin use. Some long-term effects of Oxycontin use are insomnia, bone and muscle pain, restlessness, vomiting, muscle spasms, diarrhea, extreme anxiety, goose bumps and chills.

Damage to the Cardiovascular System

It’s important to understand that these effects are normally caused by injecting Oxycontin. An addict is subject to heart infection or endocarditis, collapsed or scarred veins and clogged blood vessels, which is usually due to foreign particles clogging the vessels.


Someone who uses Oxycontin long-term can expect many infections, which are primarily caused by injection of the drug. It’s not uncommon for users to develop abscesses and boils, systemic infections like sepsis or bacteremia, viruses, soft-tissue infections, Hepatitis C and B, AIDS and HIV.

Organ Damage

Abusing Oxycontin long-term can cause kidney disease, liver disease and arthritis, which is primarily caused by injecting the drug. Oxycontin is also a dangerous drug to use when pregnant. If used when pregnant, Oxycontin can cause stillbirth pregnancies, premature delivery, miscarriage, addicted newborns and can increase the chances of SIDS.

When used over the long-term, Oxycontin can cause a drug abuser to develop a greater tolerance for the drug, which means they will need to use more and more of the drug. Although Oxycontin is a drug that can be used effectively to manage pain, far too many individuals become addicted to drug, and we can help anyone who is addicted to this drug.

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