The Downsides of Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine is an illegal street drug when not prescribed, synthetically manufactured with the use of dangerous chemicals. Also known as ice, crystal meth or glass, it has the ability to arouse a feeling of euphoria in the user and elevate a sense of increased alertness. Its diluted or “cut” forms are commonly referred to as speed or crank. Methamphetamine affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems with temporary boosts in sensory performance. What most users do not ask themselves is what are the addictive qualities of methamphetamines and the consequences of its use. Fortunately, professional drug treatment institutes like Safe Have Ibogaine Spa and Resort have the facilities and expert staff to provide a successful cure and rehabilitation program.

Weight Loss

Methamphetamine is an active stimulant that causes high energy levels and increased metabolism. This condition burns more calories than a normal biological state. In addition, the drug acts as an appetite suppressant, often causing the user to eat too little or skip meals entirely. Repeated use over a period of days or weeks can lead to dramatic weight loss and nutritional deficiency. Besides a haggard and gaunt appearance, chronic use may produce serious malnourishment and actually slow down energy levels and interrupt the healing process.

Safe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort have trained professionals who consult patients before treatment to schedule meals that are both preferred and nutritious. Their meals contain the appropriate and necessary vitamins and minerals needed to combat fatigue, immune system deficiencies and detrimental weight loss. Focus is restored on regular eating habits with emphasis placed on enjoyment and health restoration.

Dental and Skin Health

Users of methamphetamine often have what is described as “meth mouth” which is a condition that reveals poor dental hygiene. This can take the form of soft, infected gums and loose or decaying teeth. This results from the toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of the drug, like lighter fluid and drain cleaner. Users often skip dental maintenance and cleaning altogether, leading to further decay. The experts at Safe Haven provide counseling and regimental schedules to patients in order to restore normal dental heath care routines. They can also provide professional assistance and appointments with dental heath care facilities for patients who have serious dental health conditions.

Long term use of methamphetamine drugs can cause sores and irritation to the skin. The toxic chemicals in methamphetamine are purged through the pores and sweat glands, causing minor inflammations and flareups. The condition is worsened when regular bathing is skipped or eliminated entirely and this can lead to spreading rashes that are unsightly and painful. Users sometimes pick at small sores, repeatedly opening wounds and causing continued scabbing. The Safe Haven staff realize the importance of hygiene and regular bathing when it comes to healing the body of all evidence and aftereffects of drug use. Their spas are designed to sooth and heal as well as provide comfort and relaxation.

Psychological Disorders

The very nature of the chemicals in methamphetamine drugs causes brain interferences in decision making, memory and logic. Side effects include anger, frustration, depression and abnormal thought patterns. Users often have trouble with coordination and balance due to overtaxing their energy reserves and sleep deprivation. The psychological addiction to the drug can also be very strong and difficult to break. Such behavior can be quite noticeable and impact social interaction, causing rifts in family and employment relationships. Safe Haven counselors are acutely aware of how damaging the use of methamphetamine use can be for short and long term use. Psychological evaluation and therapy go hand-in-hand with physical treatment in a combined effort to bring the patient back into the realm of a normal lifestyle and existence. Motivation, hope and faith is restored, leading to an end result of a complete cure which no longer relies on any drug dependency.