What are the possible side effects of long term Heroine use?

For anyone dealing with the side effects of a long-term Heroine addiction, there are places to go and people to help you. You can take a vacation from your addiction to allow you some peace and rest that will bring you more healing, and Safe Haven is the perfect place for that!

1. What is Safe Haven?- At this relaxed and beautiful location, we offer one of the best forms of treatment for heroine addiction: Ibogaine. Ibogaine is found in the plant Iboga, and is used to treat many addictions. Experts say that Ibogaine has an 80% success rate in helping free patients from their past addictions and symptoms. Not only does Safe Haven have excellent treatment, but they also have an excellent and well-trained staff, who are professional, understanding and empathetic to help in any way they can with the healing process.

2. Why You Might Need Our Services- If you are anyone who has been struggling with any addiction, but specifically a heroine addiction, you can benefit greatly from our services. Our trained and educated staff will work closely with you, providing you with treatments of Ibogaine in this spa and resort. Their goal is not to keep you stuck in your past life, but to help you move forward and start fresh. If you feel like you’re ready to jump start your new life, here is a great place to begin.

3. Why We Are the Best Choices- The best thing about our facility is that we put every client first. Our goal is not making money and selling treatments, but our goal is to help you to heal completely and get back on your feet. We will go out of our way to make your stay comfortable, to provide you with activities and luxuries for your pleasure and enjoyment to help you stay active, and to ensure that you are treated perfectly during your entire stay.

4. Features and Benefits- As you work through the healing and treatment process, you will get many opportunities to relax and do activities such as horseback riding, tennis, swimming and more. You will get your own private bedroom with a private bath, kitchen and living room. You can bring electronic devices such as laptops and phones, and we have chefs that will cook custom meals to your hearts content. This is a perfect place for healing and relaxation to boost your spirits for starting your new life.

5. Key Differences Between Safe Haven and Other Providers- At Safe Haven, you will be treated exclusively by well-trained clients who are dedicated to freeing you from your addiction. While other providers are focused more on their benefits and what they can get out of it, we are devoted to being there for you in whatever capacity we can. Also, the freedom allowed at the resort is a nice change from other, stricter places. We value the privacy and preferences of each client, and create an atmosphere of freedom and respect.

Whether you want to spend 5 days or 2 weeks at this amazing spa and resort, the time you spend here can be incredibly healing and life-changing. As you prepare to start your life, brand new and a different person, we help make that transition easier in a way that is just right for you.