What are the side effects of long term Opiate use?

Dealing with addiction to opiates is difficult, and many aren’t sure where they should turn. Those who are addicted to opiates could be using substances like heroin, methadone, codeine, morphine and other powerful drugs. Coming off of these alone is impossible, turn to a company that has experience in providing drug treatment to those who are suffering. Many are under the mistaken impression that addiction to heroin is hopeless, but there are ways that those who are dealing with this can get their lives back.

The long term side effects of opiate use is devastating. The withdrawal from it can be dangerous and painful, and it can lead to a host of other medical problems. Some of the more uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal are cramps, tremors, diarrhea and a rapid heartbeat. The long term side effects can also be just as dangerous, and it can eventually even lead to death. These could be issues such as respiratory problems, infections of the heart and lungs, decreased liver function and dependence on the drug.

Many have never hear of Ibogaine, but it can be extremely effective in treating this type of addiction. It can really help people to get their lives back, and it is far more effective than many types of rehabilitation that are currently available. Many rehabilitation facilities rely on a 12 step program, but those who go through that have a large chance of relapsing. This company will instead focus on Ibogaine, which offers recovery for far more people. Those who leave this facility will not only be clean at the time, but they are far less likely to relapse and start using again.

With most treatments for opiate addiction, the success rate is extremely low. At an average of less than five percent of addicts successfully treated in most traditional facilities, it is also one of the most expensive options. With most addicts spending at least a month here, it may cost as much as fifty thousand dollars to do this. However, Ibogaine is far more effective. The success rate stands between 60% and 80%, and far more of those who are treated don’t end up back using the drug again.

There is more than one aspect addiction, there is a physical side and emotional side. Ibogaine treatment can work to address both of these issues. Many who use this type of treatment have said they don’t feel the physical pain of withdrawal that they would have before. They no longer feel a craving for the drug at all, and that is amazing. Once the physical addiction has subsided, many of those who are treated with Ibogaine find that they are able to see their situation more clearly. They are then able to forgive themselves for everything that has happened, and move on with their lives.