Affects To Your Child From You Using Heroin

Heroin addiction and healthy child development can in no way go together. Street drugs used by mothers during the prenatal period pose an extreme danger to the child. It can even go on to cause long-term development delays.

When a mother-to-be takes drugs, the drugs also affect the unborn child. This is one of the reasons why prenatal care is so very important. Cough syrup and aspirin can have plenty of harmful effects on fetal development, and these are only medications which need to be taken under a doctor’s strict care and advice. Imagine then how potent a risk the drug Heroin poses.

The Risks

During pregnancy, all psychoactive drugs are able to enter the placenta. Psychoactive drugs are the ones that influence your feelings. These can cause premature labor and even cause miscarriage. The reason for this is that not just the drug that is being used by the mother but the fact that women drug abusers who get pregnant have a lifestyle that leaves them in poor health. The children are also put at a greater risk for behavioral problems they may have growing up or later on in their life.

The Main Threat

Pregnant women who use Heroin pass on the withdrawal symptoms to the baby, and these are severe ones. The baby will be born with convulsion tremors, joint stiffness, diarrhea, sleep abnormalities, and fever.

But a problem bigger than that with babies who have addict mothers is death of the child. They may just die due to the bad influence of the drug. Most addicts cannot even carry their unborn babies to term.

What You Can Do To Help A Parent on Heroin

If someone you care for is going through this ordeal, your job is to make sure that you support both the child and the parent. Remember, if you can get through to the parent, it will make it significantly better for the child.


When you are trying to assist the addict with some treatment, it is important that you do not force them. State the obvious, tell them what is going on, what they fail to see and how residential treatments like the one at Safe Haven Ibogaine can help them.

Be Sympathetic

They need you to be there for them more than you advising them. Nobody likes criticism and someone who is going through a tough time will definitely not appreciate it. The person needs to accept your support and trust willingly. Doing the opposite will just push them away. Your job is to offer an ear and talk as well, don’t just talk and enforce the issue making the other person shut down.

After you have learned all you can about the issue, you may need outside help. Be selective about who you choose to confide in, because the stigma of heroin addiction can go on much further even after the mother is successfully clean.