Ibogaine 101

Ibogaine is actually an alkaline root that is taken from an African shrub. Ibogaine is also referred popularly as Tabernanthe Iboga. Ibogaine is primarily used as a hallucinogen. Many studies were conducted to show that this alkaloid can treat drug addiction. However, despite these clinical studies, the substance was made illegal in the United States in the 1970s.


Ibogaine is used in single doses between 500 mg and 800 mg for treatment of drug addiction. However, the use of this hallucinogen must not be self administered. Medical supervision is very important.

Depending on sensitivity of the body, the dosages of the Iboga root is given in instructive manner. The treatment is continued on a regular basis. Some patients do not show much change from the roots treatment, but they do start showing results in the later stages.

The first test analysis was done on a few people and that’s where the surprising results of Ibogaine came about. The addicts showed considerable changes in their behaviors. On top of that, the remedy had a long term effect.

There was a time that researchers came up with many ways to spread awareness of Ibogaine therapy all over the globe. Before that, all research related to Ibogaine was kept out of the public domain. The reason for this was that until and unless a curative method tested positive, it could not be made public. Many studies conducted about Ibogaine treatment showed that the addicts enjoyed taking Ibogaine, and that the treatment was improving both their mental and spiritual health.

Countries That Support Ibogaine

Ibogaine treatment centers have started to expand worldwide from east to west across the globe. But the rare root only thrives in the African continent. Mexico is one of the few places that you will find this treatment from all over the world.

The Psychoactive Effects Of Ibogaine

The experience of having Ibogaine can be separated into two phases. There is the visionary phase that comes first, which is followed by introspection phase. The visionary phase goes on for around 4 to 6 hours. The second phase is the more important one; it works to allow the person to conquer not just their fears but also their negative emotions.

The effects of Iboga were always said to be dose dependent. Low doses increase endurance and the strength of muscle and these are used amongst many indigenous African tribes for mental alertness during hunting. Higher doses of this can induce psychedelic effects and users tell about a state of dreaming while staying consciousness. Even traditional users avoid too high doses as that leads to anxiety.

At Safe Haven Ibogaine, medical staff administers the use of Ibogaine according to strict and specific instructions. Along with the recovering drug, you are provided with a stress free environment to make your recovery last. If you are trying to overcome drug addiction, feel free to contact us for more information.