Negative Mental Effects Of Heroin

Negative Mental Effects Of Heroin

Every time someone uses heroin, they risk overdose. Sometimes, heroin is so pure that a person may die instantly with the needle still injected in their skin. If you have been using heroin and you finally decide to get clean, your tolerance for the drug will lower as well. Many long term heroin users, who have remained clean for weeks or months, when relapsed, overdosed because their body was no longer use to the large doses.

The physical side effects are most definitely drastic but the impact of heroin use goes beyond that. The psychological effects begin with the person prioritizing their choices differently. This quickly makes them divide the world into two groups, people that they use heroin with and people that they do not use heroin with. This alters their relationship with the existing people in their lives greatly.

The effects of heroin on the human brain are not something that you can miss easily. People who are abusing heroin may quit their job and even lose the place they were living in but none of that would matter to them in the slightest. The only time any addict starts to engage in illegal acts is when money becomes a problem to buy these drugs.

Some of the psychological effects of using heroin include:

  • Feelings of rage and rage
  • Low self esteem
  • Shifts in personality
  • Warped perception of reality
  • Paranoia
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Increased anxiety


Once the individual develops full blown addiction, their life changes. The things that used to be important to them no longer are. The reason that the addict has a tough time letting go is not because of the pleasures of the drug but more because of the bad effects of the withdrawals. The primary thing that heroin makes you feel are good feelings that are completely artificial. Without the drug, the human body, which is so prone to the drug, now will forget to make these sensations on its own. When this happens, the person carries a heavy depression with them.

Here is the technicality of it. What happens is that the human body is constantly making and releasing dopamine everyday as you go about your day; for example, after a good workout it will trickle out a little so that you feel good after the hard work. But if you have been using heroin for years now, it sends a message to the brain that since the opiate is doing the job the brain no longer has to do it. And that’s where the function starts failing.

However, there is hope for long term users as well. The detoxifying effects may seem daunting but they don’t last. There is an end to it where the person is clean and starts getting healthy and happy again. The hardest part is agreeing to enter rehab. Safe Haven Ibogaine is all about luxury treatment while you are treated for heroin abuse with the use of Ibogaine.