The Difference between Outpatient and Residential Treatment

Both in residential and outpatient treatments have high success rates on treating patients who are addicted to substances including heroin. The essential element is always about giving enough level of care and treatment that would achieve long term recovery.

Safe Haven Ibogaine is all about residential treatment but not quite the way ‘residential’ is commonly described as. The facility needs to fit in as a getaway treatment center as it is designed around the idea of indulging in spa resort like treatment while you rehabilitate from the use of heroin.

Residential Programs

These treatment programs go on for at least5days.The patients enter into a safe environment in a secure facility where the insensitive drug treatments are the focus of every single activity that thepatient is a part of.

Most patients relapse into their old habits of drug and alcohol use mostly because they never manage to complete the planned duration of time that a residential treatment program is scheduled tocarry on.

The number one benefit of enrolling into residential treatment is when the treatment is regarding a detox from a certain substance.In this case, heroin withdrawal is an element of the rehabilitation procedure and the only way to make the annoying ordeal successfully gotten over within one go is through none other treatment program than residential programs.

Residential treatments give you a structuredenvironment where the patient is taken out from a stressful environment that is one of the causes of enraging the urge to use. By removing the negative aspects of someone’s surroundings, residential treatment is used for people who have already tried to rehabilitate in outpatient programs but with no success.

Some patients are scared of the intensity of such programs; they should know that residential programs are actually emotionally supportive and concentrate on improving your entire wellbeing instead of loading on too much stress on you. In other words, it is meant to get you off drug abuse and make you feel better about yourself.

Outpatient Treatment

This sort of program has many similarities with that of residential programs, owing to the fact that both concentrate on total well being of the patient at the end of the treatment.The big difference is the different structured environment. Outpatient programs give their patients more freedom of movement that will allow them to maintain a consistent commitment to their jobs, family and everything else that goes around their daily life. The idea is to adapt the treatment and the improvement into their routine so that when the treatment is over going back to their old environment does not hit them as a shock. Outpatient programs,unlike residential ones, focus a lot on the patient’s family as well as let them play a part in the everyday recovery of the addict.

Unfortunately, with drugs like heroin, it is harder to let go fully if you have not experienced complete withdrawal, and that is only practically possible with the use of a residential treatment.