What Makes a Trip Worth It

Everyone loves a vacation. Safe Haven Ibogaine works to provide their clients a full blown extreme healing environment along with the use of Ibogaine so as to cure the addicts. Our program ranges between 5 to 7 days and does not just get you to withdraw from the drug but CURES you from the opiate you are addicted to.

The effects of taking a break do not end with just you relaxing for a while. The results are a rejuvenation restart to the system which we could all do with, keeping in mind the resolutions we have vowed to uphold.

What Is There To Do

Do not let the idea of it being a clinic make you think that you will be locked up until you withdraw off the opiate. It does not work that way. We treat our clients with Ibogaine as a cure and a kick starter environment that you need to mentally clean the slate for yourself.

People look for exciting recreational activities when it comes to planning and visiting a resort. The good news is that though Safe Haven Ibogaine does not boast a roller coaster, it has a lot more in store waiting for you. At the clinic, we pride ourselves in centering the focus of our attention on freedom. Our goal is that you mentally free yourself from all the things that have been holding you back from living your life to the fullest without the need of any drugs to aid you. This is also the reason why we decided to locate our spa in the middle of one of the most beautiful, scenic, and culturally rich places in the country.

Excitement and Healing Go Hand in Hand

The recreational activities at Safe Haven Ibogaine include various massages, group yoga, horseback riding on the sandy beaches (we have access to a private beach as part of the facility), plus the chance to go shopping on the luxurious shops and the local markets.

The Food

Most resorts have celebrity chefs who will make sure that you get a taste of some of their star dishes that you have only heard about on TV and online. Where food is concerned, our expert food preparers make sure that you get your nutritious fill. And no, it is nothing like what you have seen in Biggest Loser. We understand the need for nutritious and satisfying cuisine. Mexico happens to be blessed the year round with fresh and scrumptious fruits and berries. And that is not all, fresh sea food is available in different varieties as well.

You Walk Out Of It Clean and Happy

That is by far the most important and most difficult task for any establishment to accomplish. Most residential treatments leave patients relapsing as soon as they leave the clinic. Why is that? Simple, once these people are back in their old lives, all the triggers get back in play. That is why a cure is very important to give addicts a powerful fighting chance against heroin.