What You Could Be Doing Right Now Sober

Ever heard of the phrase ‘get high on life’? Have you ever believed in it? Well, if you haven’t, then you are in for a sure surprise.

Let’s take a step back and analyze why pleasure really exists. Feelings of pleasure are there to motivate us to do tasks that are necessary for our survival and our prosperity. Our genes basically wants us to feel good by doing things that are good for us.

Psychoactive compounds, like the ones found in recreational and street drugs, hijack the brain’s transmitters and create something pleasurable out of nothing; no goal achieved, no monumental experience. The substances set our brains to feel good, and that’s it.

That practice comes with its own set of devastating consequences. Here is how you can get high on life as well while clean.


This is the best natural high and not only that, stick with it long enough and find yourself in a toned and fit body. Workout routines are literally a treat for your body physically and mentally. Latest research suggests that feeling good after a nice exercise routine is a result of two endogenous chemicals that are beta endorphin and anandamide, both of which are important for euphoria and pain reduction.


The reason most of us do not believe nature to be a viable source of pleasure is that we have been separated from our ancestral home for a long time now and have become slaves to concrete jungles. Try a secluded beach, hiking through the redwoods, or taking your snowboard up to that mountain resort, there is no way you will be able to wipe that grin off your face. Your surroundings play a great part in what you are feeling. If you are holed up in a grey room with the sound of traffic in the back ground, of course you will feel more stressed out and lost.

Music Can Do That to You

We have all heard those tunes that have mesmerized us and have induced goose bumps. Science also confirms the effects of euphoric music. Although this is not an activity unnecessary for survival, it does contribute to cohesion of human groups and communities, and social bonding. Music simply reveals everything that is happening around us and touches the very depths of our hearts.


Laughter has always been a funny thing. It is contagious and the very act of it makes muscular contractions that go on to release beta endorphins. There is nothing like a belly laugh. We all have memories that make us laugh just by thinking about them, remember that friend in class you would glance at because you knew they would do something that would make you smile? That was your mind responding to the need of feeling happy (and awake) during a boring lecture.

You can do this as an adult too. Just head out with your funniest friend or kick back with a movie or a TV show that will make you laugh until your belly aches.