Why Is Ibogaine Illegal In The US

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance in plants. In Africa the bark is chewed which gives the person tiny amounts of the substance which is a good enough stimulant. However, it’s a psychedelic with properties to treat addiction to anabolic steroids, methadone, ethanol, heroin, methamphetamine etc. Other than that, the shrub is used to treat depression as well as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

If It Is That Great Why Is It Illegal?

So now that we know the wonders Ibogaine works with opiate addiction, why is the treatment only available in certain places in the world?

Ibogaine happens to be one of the first few drugs that were scheduled in the United States. The drug is after all psychedelic and a hallucinogenic drug which gets classified as a schedule 1 drug automatically, a lot like LSD for example.

In 1962, a 19 year old Howard Lots tried this psychedelic in powder form. Now at that time Lots was an addict and all of a sudden he felt being cured of this addiction. Apparently, FDA does not work on the experience of someone being cured of an African shrub; it is safe to say that the official process is very slow. Clinical trials and other proceedings take time. Howard Lots himself made great strides in letting the world know the good Ibogaine could do against the vile addiction of substances like Heroin.

Apart from curing the opiate addict, Ibogaine does after all have hallucinogenic properties. For some years now, a different version of the substance Ibogaine is being tested to work in curing the addict without letting out the hallucinogenic properties.

In 1995, researchers like Deborah Mash from the University of Miami along with a neurobiologist from Albany Medical College studied the anti addiction effects and finally got the approval from FDA to research the use of the drug for humans. The trials, however, fell because of the lack of funding. And therefore it remains illegal in the country.

Many advocates of the theory in favor of Ibogaine have actually blamed it on pharmaceuticals for not marketing or even developing the drug right. Mash’s research trials were also funded by pharmaceutical companies. Skeptics argue that the only reason it is not being approved for more funding because Ibogaine is not a good business decision, whatever hopes it may provide for the addicts. However, countries that have made Ibogaine legal never needed the approval of big pharmaceuticals.

However, people seeking help against Heroin abuse have been seeking clinics in countries that legalize the use of Ibogaine. Safe Haven Ibogaine is a clinic in Mexico that works with the addict in a safe and serene environment where you are not pestered by the daily stresses of the day. The treatment lasts 5 days to a week so the good news is that you will not have to delay any responsibilities or other impending events or tasks for very long.