Ibogaine Treatment

Iboga-plant2Many patients who have been treated with Ibogaine report that it “resets their brain” to a point before their addiction developed.

They feel that Ibogaine not only brings them back to a state of mental clarity, it provides them with a vision of a wonderful, opportunity-filled future. It leaves them in that state of mental clarity; a place where they are not only freed from crippling emotions, but also restored chemically, freeing them from depression, anxiety and mania.


Treatment is a little different with Ibogaine than with other drug addiction remedies. The total process takes about 7 days, though may take a little longer for some.

The first two days will be spent evaluating you. The staff will want to get an understanding of who you are so they can give you the best environment for the treatment.

On the second night you will start taking the Ibogaine as the withdrawals start to set in. The dosage is uniquely determined for each patient by our experienced physicians. The influence of the Ibogaine usually lasts 24-36 hours with differing phases of intensity.

sleepingDuring this time, most clients prefer a quiet, darkened empty room as walking is not easy. There are medical caregivers and nurses there to help when you need to get up, though the focus of this time is to look back on your life with a different perspective to really understand how the addiction is affecting you.

This time is also used to get rid of resentment and pent up emotions that can trigger the addiction.

At times, Ibogaine causes rapid-eye-movements indicating deep dream filled sleep. Some patients describe the feeling as a waking or lucid dream-like state of consciousness. Some describe the dreams as vivid memories and reflections.

Visions are not reported by all patients however it appears that, whether they experience visions or not, they still experience long-lasting therapeutic effects on their ability to break clean from their addiction.

The effects of the Ibogaine typically begin to wear off late on day four or early on day five. After they have subsided, patients can call their loved ones for comfort and encouragement.

A diet counselor will create a diet that will help you get back on track. As much of day five as is necessary is used to allow the patient to regain emotional and physical stability.

Most patients will recover quickly, re-discovering a long lost and profound zest for life.

When the patient is ready, the Activities Coordinator will discuss options with you. One highly recommended activity is the victory hike.

Victory Hikehike

The victory hike is ideally scheduled for the afternoon before departure. This gives the patient an opportunity to reflect on their experience at Safe Haven, as well as an opportunity to again experience the joy that nature and the outdoors brings.

Most importantly, though, it gives you an opportunity to undertake and accomplish your first challenge as a person with unlimited potential, freed from the chains of addiction.

Empowerment is a fundamental goal of all effective drug treatment and this hike helps the patient to see not only their abilities but also their enjoyment of taking on and accomplishing challenges.


While most patients are fully recovered and able to leave on the morning of day five, many are influenced with the contemplation of their addiction-free future and want to remain at the facility for several days more to enjoy their new lease on life in one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

Patients are encouraged to plan from the beginning to stay at the facility for 7 days, when possible.

After Your Treatment

Frequent contact by Safe Haven staff will be initiated with each patient at first. Contact will decrease as the patient’s life stabilizes and good decision making becomes automatic.

Patients are strongly encouraged to reach out to staff at Safe Haven as needed; the staff will do whatever is reasonable to facilitate the patient’s continued freedom from addiction.

A copy of each patient’s goals is kept handy at the clinic to enable the staff to better assist you in your recovery and maintenance of a healthy life.

on-the-phonePeer Mentoring

Often, former patients want to get involved with helping others, especially as it pertains to the freedom they’ve found through Ibogaine treatment. This is a healthy part of the recovery process as it helps rebuild a sense of worth and purpose.

Safe Haven maintains a database of former and potential patients and can give referrals to facilitate networking with the goal in mind of helping people in need.

Of course, names and phone numbers will only be given out after the appropriate written consent is obtained. The privacy of our patients is paramount to us.