Patient Testimonials

-Mike from New York

Absolutely enjoyed my stay. Very very comfortable these people go out of their way for comfort. I mean seriously their mission is not for money but for saving lives. Stayed for a whole week and no war story’s or glorification of past use. That was amazing to me. That was the first time I was in a rehab and we aren’t still in obsession and craving phases. You just want to live your new life. Just astonishing to me so excited right now. Thanks again SAFE HAVEN IBOGAINE MUCH LOVE!

-Max Butcher, Houston Tx

Like everyone, I was skeptical. I heard about Ibogaine from a podcast. A friend recommended that I check out Safe Haven Ibogaine Treatment Spa in Rosarito Mexico. After 10 years of being addicted to alcohol and prescription pain pills, I was cured. I even stopped smoking cigarettes which I have been doing since the age of 15 for almost 30 years. Thank you Safe Haven!

-Robert Joe Lorem

My name is Taija. My meth use has ruled over a quarter of my life. but thanks to ibogaine, I’m now free. Besides the treatment itself, I have found peace in my life due to the help of the staff at safe haven. Rosarito is beautiful, the clinic was fantastic. Besides the immaculate food and brilliant accommodations, I also experienced a resort style approach to treatment which helped me learn to accept myself. Something about being surrounded with beauty really aids the healing process. I also owe the staff a huge thank you, for being so understanding and making me feel as though I was with family.Thank you safe haven and thank you ibogaine! I’m now fully confident that I will never use again. All in all, yes, it is worth every penny.

-Taija Barnett

A Mother’s Hope for Her Daughter is Renewed Through Ibogaine at Safe Haven

Hi, Everyone. I’m Taija’s mom. Taija has a testimonial on this page, and I thought it would be nice for me to share my experience with my daughter’s treatment at Safe Haven. I know there are a lot of parents out there who have kids who struggle with addiction and/or depression and I also know that choosing Ibogaine is a big financial investment that isn’t in easy reach for many families.

Put simply, Ibogaine at Safe Haven saved my child’s life. Taija had been struggling for years and we had her hospitalized several times and forced her into treatment on numerous occasions. Nothing seemed to work. I was taking the advice of the “professionals” who sold me the whole disease model, heavily riddled with 12-step philosophy, and it was making things much worse, not better. Understand that if 12-step works for your family, that’s great. It was a dismal, dismal failure for us. And Taija tried, too. She tried. It just didn’t work. At one hospitalization, she weighed 88 pounds and we were told she was literally hours from death.

Imagine my desperation as a parent, working with my therapist to prepare for the eventuality of getting a phone call to identify my daughter’s body. That’s where I was. That was my world. If you’re there, know you are not alone. Also, know that Ibogaine at Safe Haven can save your child.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I would win the lottery so I could send people to Safe Haven even if they cannot afford the cost. Honestly, I would do it if I could. The staff at Safe Haven are top notch, and what the others here have said about the medical care patients receive there is very accurate. These people know their stuff, and that’s so important with Ibogaine. The medical work-ups, the medical monitoring during treatment, and the follow-up are all absolutely necessary for a safe and effective Ibogaine experience. Safe Haven is worth twice what they charge for treatment. Their doctors and nurses and other staff are honest, friendly, highly skilled, and kind. I spoke with many of the staff on the phone during my daughter’s visit and they were simply wonderful people. Taija tells me the people with whom I did not speak were just the same.

Now when I watch my daughter’s Safe Haven video, I can still see the traces of the addiction because she was only 9 days clean at filming. She still had some “street” types of mannerisms and speech patterns, still had some jerkiness to her movements and facial expressions. Now, a few months later, all of that is gone. Her face appears soft and healthy. Her eyes are bright and sharp. She speaks with confidence and good diction. Her movements are fluid and graceful. Every once in a while, I just tear up looking at her because one would never guess that she almost died of meth addiction.

Ibogaine and Safe Haven have healed our family. We now enjoy family dinners and outings. We laugh together. We don’t have to hide cash and valuables anymore, because our daughter has no need to steal. Our entire world is different. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of exploring Ibogaine treatment myself for personal growth and empowerment.

If you’re a parent of an addict and you are where I was, take heart. Your child can return to you. You do NOT have to just accept that your kid will always be an addict. That is propaganda and it’s simply false. Ibogaine cures addiction. Period.

-Kristin Barton

This was the best thing I have ever done, I came to Safe haven to get treatment for my opiate addiction of over 10 years my friend and I both came in together , the staff was awesome made me feel like family. From the chef to the doctors they all are friendly and knowledgeable. have never felt better in my life, I have my energy back, I feel joy again, and I will recommend this treatment to anyone that has an addictions. I let my addictions take over 10 years of my life and I am now free from it in only 7 days with the help of ibogaine and the incredible and caring staff at safe haven. I will always remember all of you. from the moment i called them to the moment I left the clinic i felt at home and secure. Thank you guys.-Rocco

Last fall I decided I needed to make some serious changes in my life. I’ve been a long time user of opiates. It started with pills and gradually increased to heroin. I was beginning to lose a lot of important things in my life, and because of this I decided to take a chance. I’d tried quitting many times before, with very little success. I had a friend who went to Safe Haven and it saved her life as well. I knew if it worked for her, it could work for me. I called Safe Haven and they were able to get me in right away. They picked me up from the Airport and took me straight to the clinic. It was an easy transition, no problems at all. Once I arrived, they checked me in, they did some test to make sure I was a good candidate for treatment, this is to ensure your safe while taking the Ibogaine. The clinic that I went to was really nice and the staff made you feel at home. There was a doctor and multiple nurses there around the clock. The chef was amazing, he could make you just about anything you could possibly want. The amenities were nice, they had a hot tub and pool. After treatment, they try to get you out of the clinic as much as possible. Each day, they try and take you to do something different. One day I went to a spa, the next day we went horseback riding on the beach. The treatment itself was truly an amazing experience. They give you a lot of information about ibogaine and the history behind it before you start treatment. Joaquin was apart of the staff and he was the one that prepared me most for my treatment. He was there from start to finish along with another nurse, and no matter how you felt throughout, they were there to make sure that everything was ok. My experience with ibogaine is unexplainable. They tell you ahead of time to think of questions you want answers to. Well, I got more answers then I could ever possibly think of. I don’t want to explain my whole experience, because I feel like each person is going to be that much different. But, after my treatment was over, I woke up refreshed and feeling brand new. It was exhausting, you are very tired and weak after treatment, but each day you get stronger and stronger, and you start to see life in a whole new light. Ibogaine was the most enlightening experience of my life. Before I went to Safe Haven, I was addicted to opiates. I couldn’t sleep because of the anxiety of worrying about what the next day would bring. Well, here I am, 4 months later. I’m sober after nearly 10 years of abuse. Safe Haven Ibogaine truly saved my life. I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there who feel the same way I did before I went to Safe Haven. Some people are probably worse off, and some maybe not as bad, but if you truly want a way out, a way to change your life, save your soul and take back the person you once were, please check out Safe Haven. From the moment you contact them, until you leave, they are beside you all the way. You won’t be disappointed.-Tucker

Hello my name is JJ I’m 28 years old and IBOGAINE gave me a life worth living. I’m not here to tell my war story just my road to living, but I sum it up. For 10 years I was on pain pills due to injury, the last three on Methadone, suboxen and herion. I tried every thing to get off= AA, NA, in – patient rehab, outpatient rehab, and cold turkey with very brief success it was the same old story. I would tuff through the physical withdrawal start to feel better then relapse. The whole time my mind wasn’t cured I would know that what I was doing was only going to hinder me and cause me more pain but could not turn off this voice in my head. I felt consumed by an evil that wasn’t me, consumed by a need to not feel or care about anyone including my self. No chronic drug user wants to be one or is proud of it. You take do extremes to survive you never thought or imagined you would do. We end up crossing lines doing what ever necessary to stay well no matter what it does to our selves or the people we love. I lost the will or even thought that I had a chance for a worthy, proud, happy life. I went to sleep hating my self asking God to not let me wake up.
I had heard about IBOGAINE I called Safe Haven and talked with them and researched it for six months. It sounded to good to be true but it is I can only say that because I did it. IBOGAINE has a % 87 which is Un – heard of but it’s true. I was on a high does of methadone and it worked for me. They treated me like a 5 star up class man and walked me through the process with patience. I woke up after my treatment with a new divine passion for life. It’s been over three months I’ve had spine surgery since treatment and have not needed or wanted pain pills or any drugs. For the first time my heads not telling me I need or want drugs and that’s a miracle. The evil self destruction part of me is gone and now I’m high on life and excited for the future. This is a magical plant that was put here for a reason and I’m extremely grateful that I was able to experience the magic of IBOGAINE and strongly suggest anyone wanting or thinking about doing it to call safe haven had the best experience of my life that gave me hope, a drive to succeed and a passion to live. So stop living the nightmare over and over and start living the untold dream, it’s beautiful.-JJ