The Safe Haven Advantage


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Safe Haven offers an Ibogaine detox treatment program that is considered to be among the finest in the world. People throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond come to our clinic for a comfortable, safe and reliable treatment experience.

Our staff has over 15 years combined experience in the safe and effective administration of Ibogaine. They have conducted and supervised more than 1,800 treatments of the medicine.

This vast experience in helping people promotes a culture of understanding, empathy and commitment that helps patients in their quests for freedom from addiction and destructive behavior.

A premier treatment facility serving the addiction recovery community, Safe Haven is the only center that takes a truly holistic approach to the healing and recovery process. Call our Admissions Specialists today to begin your healing journey.



Have you or a loved one tried other treatment programs but failed to stay on them? If so, then Safe Haven offers the long-term success you have been looking for.

Give yourself or your loved one an amazing opportunity to STOP addiction and become mentally, physically and emotionally well.

The Ibogaine Treatment Program at Safe Haven can help you take that definitive step towards a healthy, drug-free life without having to endure weeks of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Ibogaine treatment is the most effective way to battle addiction – to successfully detox and permanently overcome the addiction.

After Ibogaine therapy, it is extremely uncommon for a patient to experience withdrawals or cravings for their primary addiction. We have observed that Ibogaine patients have a 70% success rate maintaining sobriety during the first 6 months.

For the majority of people, Ibogaine treatment is a catalyst for permanent sobriety. This means that in addition to leaving our center physically clean and mentally stable, more than 3 out of 5 patients that come through our Ibogaine treatment center are able to remain clean post-treatment for an extended period of time. And often forever.

This far exceeds the success rate of traditional rehabs, 12-step programs, and other alternative methods of drug rehabilitation. Most of them have success rates in the single digits.



Our success is your freedom; we are totally focused on helping you free yourself from the chains that are needlessly keeping you from a wonderful life.

We are dedicated to the safe and effective treatment of the most exciting breakthrough in addiction and behavior modification that’s happened in our lifetimes: Ibogaine.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Pre-treatment and After-Care support
  • A state-of-the-art facility
  • EKG monitoring during detox
  • Expert medical and clinical staff
  • Daily continuous medical care
  • On-site education and counseling
  • Compassionate, respectful and knowledgeable experts