The Resort

deckSafe Haven Ibogaine Spa and Resort Treatment Center is situated on a Beautiful Beachfront property in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. The spacious facility occupies three floors and is approximately 4,500 square feet. We have private security and access to tennis courts and our private beach.

The facilities at Safe Haven and the surrounding environment are as important as the treatment itself. To create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, the entire facility looks and feels like the spa and resort that it is. At the same time, staffing and equipping our residence professionally ensures proper care and maximizes the treatment success for each patient.


homepage2Safe Haven is a fully licensed addiction treatment facility and research center. We maintain a full complement of medicines and state-of-the-art medical devices specific for the needs of Ibogaine treatment.

We are fully equipped to handle any medical emergencies related to Ibogaine treatment. Safe Haven is equipped with heart monitoring systems to fully monitor the patient during the treatment process.



Each patient has a private bedroom and private bathroom with access to living areas, kitchen facilities, satellite TV and Internet.

Patients are free to bring mobile devices, including laptops and cell phones but we suspend use while under doctor supervision, during Ibogaine dosing.

There is a patient service attendant who takes care of all daily cleaning, room attendance and laundry.




The facility includes a billiard table, rooftop lounge, satellite TV, internet and access to a private beach, with many group and individual activities oriented towards creating a new life. These activities are not mandatory but are highly recommended and extremely helpful for recovery.

An activities coordinator is on staff whose goal it is to plan and coordinate activities for each patient to facilitate a productive and healthy time with us but also to create a memorable one as a beginning for their renewed life.


Food Services

Our luxurious spa resort has a full complement of specialists in food preparation and nutrition to make your stay here not only life changing but also enjoyable and nutritious.

A professional chef and wait staff are on duty to prepare customized meals to please and accommodate every palate, taking into account the info provided by each patient before their visit.

Well-balanced nutritious meals are served with the goal in mind of promoting health and renewed vigor, preparing for the revitalized life patients will experience after Ibogaine treatment.

Mexico is blessed by the year-round availability of many kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables including mango, pineapple, banana, avocado, squash blossoms, and strawberries. Fresh seafood in many forms is also plentiful and widely available. Shrimp, swordfish, abalone, tuna, scallops and crabs are typically available year round in Mexico.

Make sure you mention your favorites when planning your meals with our staff.


Recreational activities include:

  • horseback riding on the beach,
  • full service spas, including detoxification saunas,
  • group yoga sessions,
  • personal training,
  • various kinds of massage and
  • shopping from local markets to luxury shops.

Patients are encouraged to take long walks on the beach. When multiple patients are present, we recommend they talk about aftercare thoughts and become mentors for each other. Often with groups, we will take them to the city for some great shopping and sightseeing.

Not all activities are available for every treatment package. *Please discuss treatment package options with your treatment coordinator prior to arrival.

Patients are encouraged to plan on staying long enough to enjoy the many world class amenities and opportunities located in the area and to form memories around what we expect will be the beginning of a new life of freedom.