The Safe Haven Staff

At Safe Haven, we give personal attention to each patient because every patient is a unique individual with their own combination of needs and experiences.

Our staff has over 15 years combined experience in the safe and effective administration of Ibogaine, having managed and supervised more than 1,800 administrations of the medicine.

This vast experience in helping people promotes a culture of understanding, empathy and commitment that aides patients in their quests for freedom from addiction and destructive behavior.

The staff at Safe Haven was carefully chosen not only for their experience and ability in helping patients overcome their addictions and life-limiting behaviors, but also for their backgrounds in education and training.


Dr-FaridDr. Farid

Dr. Farid has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years in Mexico. Besides his work at Safe Haven, he practices at two local hospitals.

In addition to being a GP, Dr. Farid is a surgeon and an expert on the topic of Ibogaine. His extensive knowledge and experience with Ibogaine is what prompted Safe Haven to invite him to be the medical supervisor of our staff.



Joaquin2Joaquin Rodriguez

Mr. Rodriguez is our Medical Coordinator, and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (EMT-P) and is certified by the American Heart Association.  He has more than 20 years experience in the emergency and medical fields including Instructor of Advance Life Support – CPR, experience as an Intensive Care Nurse and 10 years in emergency fire and safety services.







Rose OglesbyJennifer-clean

Jennifer ‘Rose’ Oglesby is a social worker that has been working with addicts utilizing unique alternative protocols in the holistic detox field for several years. She is the support specialist at Safe Haven and is incorporating the use of Heantos with Ibogaine to treat severe addictions. She is a mother, and a teacher and facilitator of several platforms involving traditional rites of passages with a focus on addiction. She devotes her time to the Safe Haven team as well as facilitating custom individual and group detox sessions. She is currently studying for her masters of science in mental health counseling.


Nurse EnriqueEnrique2

Nurse Enrique is one of the people mentioned most by our patients.

He has participated in hundreds of Ibogaine treatments, is a caring and compassionate man, and is an integral part of the reason our program is as successful as it is.

Enrique is mentioned often in the letters we receive from patients, following treatment.






  • All nurses and medical staff at Safe Haven are trained in emergency medical care
  • Medical staff is on duty at the facility 24 hours a day
  • Both male and female nurses are available
  • Each patient is assigned their own nurse


Most other Ibogaine Treatment Centers will state that they have a medical staff, which usually consists of a nurse and an EMT. Our staff also includes a board certified doctor. This means that we can do a full review of our patient’s medical conditions prior to treatment and also help discuss prescriptions post treatment. This is a key difference at Safe Haven.